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The Secret of the forbidden Valley

The Secret of the forbidden Valley

Article number: 18040913


Jonathan C. Sloane & Weinmann Symphoniker


The Secret of the forbidden Valleytl_files/styles/pics/logo.gif


tl_files/images/lang_en.png  English Version


Audio Book:

English version of the story, accompanied by classical orchestra

Duration: 34:36 Minutes

Voice: Jonathan C. Sloane

Music: Weinmann Symphoniker

Music Accompaniment: From the suite „Das Geheimnis des verbotenen Tals

German Audio Book: Das Geheimnis des verbotenen Tals / ISBN 978-944448-00-8

Japanese Version of the Audio Book: The Secret of the forbidden Valley/ ISBN 978-944448-02-2

Samples: Helmut Friedrich Fenzl

Sound Studio II: Rainer Robben – audiocue

Sound Studio I: Helmut Friedrich Fenzl - virtuelle-ensembles

Quality: MP3, Stereo

Bitrate: 256 kBit/s

Size: 65,9 MB

Text, Composition, Arrangement: Dr. Ingo Bruchhold

Cover, Production: Dr. Ingo Bruchhold

Music and book publishing house:

rapidea-records ® Music and Stories Downloadshoptl_files/styles/pics/logo_iphone2.png

Music publishing: Labelcode LC-29162

Book publishing: ISBN Publisher Code 978-3-944448

ISBN book code: ISBN 978-3-944448-01-5


Animation to this story:

Aedipar ® The secret of the forbidden valley

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